Ride Together & Receive Team Shirts

Join a team or create your own. Create a team challenge between businesses. Get a competition going with your neighbors. Who will have the biggest and best dressed team? We shall see on June 23rd!

Note: When registering for a team on the Eventbrite website, select tickets > team and either search for an existing team or create your own.

Once you create your team you will receive an email with a link to your team page. Here you can invite team members, personalize the page and manage your team — all in one easy location! 


Don't stop once you have registered your team. Use your personalized team page to encourage all of your family and friends to join your team!

Step 1: Invite team members

Send invitations through Facebook and email. 

Step 2: Make it personal

Customize your team page with an image and your team's story.

Step 3: Manage your team

Post updates and send messages to your team.